ICMS Blog Plans and a Thank You

12 May

Actually I’m going with the thank-you first. I was hoping sticking a counter on this blog would show me I wasn’t wasting my time and was rewarded. I put the counter up on April 10 and as of May 10 (subtracting numbers for the last two days from 1,017) I had 967 hits for the first month. Now I’d say a hundred or so of those hits were from me during the 1st 2 weeks before I figured out how to take my visits off the counter – when I put a new post up, I typically read it and end up making several edits (each time will count as a hit) as I go. The Blogger preview function bites.

Even with that, to the 800-850 hits and 575 unique visitors who’ve stopped by, thank you. Hopefully I’m not boring you too much. I’m sure this doesn’t put me on any “most visited” lists but it’s more than enough activity to keep me excited about this blog.

Now for Kalamazoo – gotta take my dog to the dog-sitter and then I’m heading there. Probably get in around 4 or 5. For those of you with my cell, I have nothing planned this PM – brought stuff to work on but am happy to grab a beverage or something if you feel the urge.

The Congress Committee has my sympathies. Looked like it rained most of yesterday. Having served on conference committees, the day before is “crap-moving day.” That’s when you haul tables and chairs from pt A to pt B, get your AV room and equipment arranged, haul boxes of “stuff” to the registration area, etc. Rain is, quite simply, a pain in the ass when you’re doing that. I’m sure they got done what they needed to do – and I have a feeling some folks were soggy in the process.

I’m not planning on doing a lot of blogging – maybe some short blurbs if I have something worth reporting. I’ll post more next week after Congress.

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