K’zoo and Home

16 May

Well, another Congress has come and gone. I enjoyed it, as always. Had the chance to re-meet some people I haven’t seen in quite some time (a year anyway) and met a few others for the first.

I keep mostly to myself at K’zoo. I know there are other time periods and areas with a fair number of amateurs and folks with a casual interest but I don’t find too many of those folks interested in the pre-10th Century. For the most part I try to stay out of the professionals’ way other than brief greetings – they have professional connections to make, projects to talk over, discussions of grant opportunities, publishers, etc. I have my own professional conferences and I know that while we intend to have a good time we get a LOT of work done at the same time – they don’t need me mucking up the works.

I’m planning on posting a summary of the sessions I attended as I have time to put them together – after a week off I’m sure I have some catching up to do at work so it may take me a bit. I plan to post the summary, followed by any questions it may have left me with, or comments I may want to offer. I’m not shy about asking questions or offering comments – but I try to wait until the real historians have asked theirs and quite often that means time runs out before I ask anything. Obviously, if I have a question and you feel you may be able to offer an answer, or suggestions on where to find an answer, please let me know.

In any case, glad to be back and with a carload of books (I came back with 55 and another five are to be shipped). For reference, here’s a picture of this year’s damage.

The book on the floor is one I took with me to read – I decided to pull two chairs in to sort with rather than a table.

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One response to “K’zoo and Home

  1. theswain

    May 18, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Curt, I can only speak for myself and say that there are certainly projects and things that would welcome an extra pair of hands and eyes. There are fields in our discipline that were begun and established by independent scholars and we have not forgotten.


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