Quick K’zoo Saturday Update

16 May

Today I spent at the three Early Medieval Europe Sessions. The First included my Continuing Carolingianization but the second two were a bit earlier – more in my “wheelhouse.”

Per usual for Saturday, the day’s highlight (or lowlight) was the Pseudo Session. The first and third “papers” were excellent. I didn’t care for the second – a bit too risqué for my taste. As for the others, it was truly inspiring to listen as two of the World’s Great Medieval Mysteries were solved and to learn the ultimate fates of the Knights Templar and Richard the Deer, er Dragon – uh, Lionhearted. One can only marvel at the endless months of research and archival detective work with which they devoted to the unraveling of such important questions – followed by their presenting to us the results with such gravitas.

I debated doing a Live Blog From Kalamazoo while waiting for the Pseudo Session to begin – I have my digital camera here as well as my laptop. Could’ve posted a picture of folks eating pizza and enjoying libations prior to the start. Then again, I don’t believe there’s a “What Happens in Michigan Stays in Michigan” credo associated with ICMS but I suspect there may be one for the Pseudo Session and I’d like to come back next year. Besides, I may have been just slightly libated myself.

Skipping the dance – as I have every year since the first time I attended 10 or so years ago. I saw something there at my first Congress that scared me so much that I plan never to attend that particular event again. Instead I intend to be at an 8:30 session tomorrow morning and head south after Noon.

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