Information Request: AP Medieval History Textbooks

31 Jul

This will be a bit different – I don’t usually use this blog for this.

My A World Lit Only by Fire review has, ever since I posted it, been one of the most popular pages on this blog. Kind of warms my heart actually – maybe I’m doing some good in the world.

The problem is that while I blast this book fairly well, I don’t provide any alternatives for high school teachers who may be looking for something that covers the Middle Ages for their AP class. A recent thread on mediev-l has brought this to my attention and I’d like to provide something.

I’m not familiar enough either with AP history or with all of the medieval history overviews to come up with something on my own. If anyone has a suggestion or suggestions, please send them to me, either by e-mailing me, or by posting comments to this post. Also, I will include your name (not contact information) as a contributor unless otherwise requested.

As a very brief introduction to a topic I’m not very familiar with, in the United States Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered to high school students, usually Juniors or Seniors. On completing the course and exam, students receive college credit for the course.

A separate issue is/are the AP history test(s) itself – if A World Lit Only by Fire is considered appropriate to provide students with information to pass the exam(s), then the exam(s) may need some work. This goes beyond what I plan to address with this request though as I learn more I may become inspired. This book should not be given to high school students as a reference.

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One response to “Information Request: AP Medieval History Textbooks

  1. Jean Holland Bailey

    February 20, 2016 at 2:30 am

    Regarding A WORLD LIT ONLY BY FIRE: Am enjoying all the smutty narratives, but realize that, in spite of being much better read on the American Civil War and Vietnam than the Middle Ages, the latter is becoming more interesting as I read more on a new area of interest—kleptocracies and the threat they pose to global security (essentially, kleptocracies are driving religious extremism). I’ve read enough general history that I knowA WORLD LIT ONLY BY FIRE is
    exaggerated and generally boshy, but its focus
    on Machiavelli, Erasmus, and Martin Luther,
    along with their prominence in a great book
    cited below compelled me to order some of the
    works of those authors. Thanks for the confirmation of my suspicions, but I’ll keep reading it for entertainment purposes.

    THIEVES OF STATE by Sarah Chayes
    Also excellent expose/description of the type of corruption creating (with the active assistance of Pakistani military intelligence) hordes of Taliban). Chayes lived in Afghanistan 9 years, was history major at Harvard with focus on Middle Ages, served as advisor to Admiral Mike Mullen when he was chairman on Joint Chiefs of Staff, now works at Carnegie Institute for International Peace, THIEVES OF STATE is riddled with Medieval thinkers, mirrors.


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