Busy – and Maybe Not a Geek After All

13 Dec

I apologize for not posting in 3 weeks. I’m swamped at work (that will continue through this week) and home’s been pretty busy too. In short, I unexpectedly received a new piece of furniture. Somehow this has resulted in a chain of events where I’ve cleared 15 years worth of accumulated stuff from the house and have started doing some painting.

In the meantime, I offer you the results of this quiz. Maybe I should change the name of this blog? I was in the 25th percentile for geekery, 88th for scholar.

Your result for The Medieval Geek test…

The Balanced Geek

74% Scholar and 53% Geek!

You’re fascinated by medieval geekery, but not so much that you’re unwilling to use modern inventions like, say, the printing press and electricity. You’ve probably been to medieval-themed events for fun, and maybe held your own, too. And that medieval t-shirt… it’s a secret favourite, isn’t it?

Added to this, you have a healthy scholarly interest in medievalism. It probably isn’t what you do for a living (or if it is, you need to brush up a little before you face your students again!) But you know enough to be annoyed or at least amused when you come across factual inaccuracies in movies or amongst other medieval geeks.

You’re doing well… And you still have a normal life, too. Congratulations!

Take The Medieval Geek test at HelloQuizzy

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