One-Year Anniversary

29 Jan

This is it – one year ago tomorrow (I’m busy tomorrow which is why I’m not waiting to post this) I opened this blog with an altogether inadequate blurb on Joaquín Martínez Pizzarro’s The Story of Wamba: Julian of Toledo’s Historia Wambae regis, Washington, DC (2005).

I don’t want to reprise my New Year’s Day post. Not sure I’d have a lot to add right now. My review of the first three chapters of Peter Heather’s Empires and Barbarians has been one of my most popular posts over the past year. 1 In that post I mentioned that this was the first time I’d ever tried to review a book in sections. That approach was a mistake, one I’ll not make again. I think you can do that for a book which is a series of essays but I’ll not do it again for something like this. I am going to add a follow-up, hopefully within the next couple of weeks. This will be a very different sort of post, one which I am uncertain should even be considered a review. Rather than a detailed discussion of the content it will instead focus on what I believe to be some significant problems with the next section of the book as well as an explanation of why I didn’t follow through on this review in a more timely manner.

I have a request for anyone familiar with Blogger. I have at least one person whose opinion I respect who is unable to comment. I have turned off the Word verification and reset my Widgets which was recommended on one of the help pages. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Feel free to contact me by e-mail.

1 Peter Heather, Empires and Barbarians: Migration, Development and the Birth of Europe, London: Macmillan (2009). ISBN: 978-0-333-98975-3.

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