Kalamazoo 2011 – May 12-15

01 Feb

Yup – I’m in. First day registration is up for the 2011 International Congress on Medieval Studies and I’m registered. Gotta uphold the standards associated with the title of this blog.

I’m not going to add much to my Geek’s Guide to Kalamazoo post from last year. Congress is still a great time, it’s still fairly inexpensive, I’m still scared of the dance, and there are still all those books!

Of course this past year I bought 60 books instead of 37, registration is now $140 instead of $135, etc. I should also note that the free wine has gone from disgusting to mediocre – a welcome improvement. But most of it’s still accurate.

I have more info on my Kalamazoo page and many medieval bloggers have posted Kalamazoo summaries which shouldn’t be hard to find. Also, there’s a Congress Facebook Page which will be helpful if you’re a first-timer with questions.

I encourage anyone who’s ever considered it to attend at least once. Don’t worry – if you don’t know a language beyond English, if you’re newly interested in Medieval History, or if you’re afraid you won’t know anybody there, you won’t feel out of place (or if you do nobody but you will know it). It’s a good time and I always learn a LOT (and leave with a few books).

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