If Silence is Golden then April Will be a Wealthy Month for this Blog

01 Apr

I’m heading out early tomorrow to spend a week in Mexico and later this month I’m at another conference for a week. In essence, I’m in Indiana for 14 days this month and out of it for 16. That may be perfectly normal for some people, not so much for me. My house-sitter better clean up after himself.

Unfortunately, that means this blog will likely suffer. I wonder if there’s a .wav or MIDI file out there where if someone clicks on this blog they can hear crickets chirping?

However, while the Mexico trip is for work, there’s some free time incorporated into the schedule including a trip to Teotihuacan. Is Mesoamerican considered medieval? I already know the answer – it’s not. However I think I’ll put at least a few pictures up anyway. I’ve always admired Gabriele Campbell’s blog, The Lost Fort, in part because of the wonderful photography she includes with her posts. Kornbluth Photography is also a favorite site of mine for the same reason. Fantastic pictures; those of you going to Kalamazoo should consider her workshop if you work with medieval images. I know I’m image-challenged with my posts. I keep telling myself I need to do better. While I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic for taking Medieval pictures, I can put some of these up and I think most of the readers of this blog will enjoy them.

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