Kalamazoo Update

11 May

I’m taking a break from working late on work stuff. Not sure how late I’m going but the more I do tonight the less time I’ll need to spend on it in Michigan.

I want to mention a program addendum which may interest some people. This may be in the addendum you get at registration, the Corrigenda but in case it isn’t, I thought I’d post it here.

Dot Porter just posted the following on the Congress Facebook group:

Digital Poster Session

The Medieval Academy of America’s Digital Initiatives Advisory Board and Digital Medievalist have co-organized a poster session and reception, scheduled for Friday evening at 7pm in Fetzer 1035. The complete list of participants is below. Hope to see you there!


Julian Hendrix and Richard Pollard (UCLA), “Reconstructing the libraries of Carolingian Reichenau and St. Gall”

Joshua Westgard (U. Tennessee), Demonstration of Bede Manuscripts Database

James Ginther (Saint Louis University), Demonstration of T-PEN

Eleonora Litta Modignani Picozzi (King’s College London), Early English Laws and Gascon Rolls

Daniel O’Connell (American Cusanus Society), Demonstration of the Cusanus-Portal

Dot Porter (Indiana University), Demonstration of TILE (Text Image Linking Environment)

Grant Simpson (Indiana University), “Proactive Preservation: What Every (Digital) Medievalist Should Know”

Debra Lacoste (Wilfrid Laurier University), Cantus Database Demonstration

Adam Oberlin (University of Minnesota) “XHS: eXtensible Handschrift – A Proposal for Open Source Manuscript Editing Software.”

Richard Harris (U. of Saskatchewan), Concordance to the Proverbs and Proverbial Materials in the Old Icelandic Sagas

Kate Helsen (U. of Toronto), The Optical Neume Recognition Project

Michael Drout (Wheaton College), Lexomics group from Wheaton College

I have to say, this looks like one kick-butt poster session. The session is listed in the program but not the details. I’d penciled in to attend a session starting at 7:30, “Cassian’s Long Shadow” and still want to make it but it’s going to be hard getting through all those posters in under half an hour. I’ll work at it though and make sure I have a couple of minutes to spare – the last thing I want to do is be forgetful and lose more years off my life like I did two years ago by entering another Cistercian Studies Session unprepared.

I’m also having trouble figuring out what to bring to read. I just finished reading a couple of Byzantine sources and wanted to start on William Harmless’ Desert Christians. The problem is, though I want to start looking into desert monasticism and asceticism more closely, this book contains excerpts and I know I’ll want to refer back when those are from something which I have here in full. I have Cassian’s Conferences and Institutes but those things are thick. It might be time to grab something from out of my period that I can just sort of read, not study while on the road. I have a book on Beckett and a couple from the Yale English Monarchs series I haven’t read.

I’ll see some of you up there this week. Have a safe trip everyone – at least, as of now, you don’t have a volcano to worry about if you’re coming from overseas.

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