Live Blog (Sort of) from Kalamazoo

13 May

OK, in my quest to get a free media pass to next year’s Congress (yeah, right) I’ve decided that instead of doing the daily update thing like last year, I’m going to start a Kalamazoo blog and throw stuff up whenever I feel the urge. Newer posts will be on top.

Friday, May 13, 5:35 PM Er, after thinking on it, this live blog idea’s kind of dumb since nobody will know when I’ve updated it and I don’t expect people to keep returning to this post. So I’ll go back to daily updates. No time right at the moment but I may post something later.

Thursday, May 12, 7:30 AM Looks like my schedule’s changing. Two of the papers I wanted to hear originally scheduled for an evening session on monasticism have been moved to the afternoon. The evening session’s still happening, it’ll just be much shorter. I also pulled my notepad out and found it has about 6 sheets of paper on it. Looks like I’ll be visiting the campus bookstore.

Wednesday, May 11, 9:53 PM Today as I was packing I realized I left my little plastic soap dish in (I think) Mexico. I didn’t feel like deviating from my route so I figured I’d take care of that here. So I found a Wal-Mart nearby and drove over once I got in, which was quite convenient as it was dinner time (maybe a bit early but I hadn’t eaten since breakfast) and found a steak place – Texas something or other. Then I came back and have been doing my work work for the last few hours.

One problem with my room (besides it being a dorm room with no AC, thin walls, etc.). I only have 1 bed this year. First time ever – my spare bed has always been the place to store my book purchases. Oh well – I’ll figure something out. Right now I’m hearing thunder and the radar image has all kinds of pretty colors on it just west of here. I have my sessions picked out for tomorrow except for at 3:30 where I have 3 for which the final decision will depend on a bunch of variables, including if it’s raining when I decide whether to leave the building I’m in. Haven’t run into anyone yet though I have a couple of text messages. Book hunting begins at 8.

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