This Looks Like it Might be Really Good

05 Nov

My annual May migration has usually been to Kalamazoo but at some point I may need to deviate from that. Research News in Late Antiquity just posted the CFP for the North American Patristics Conference.

I have to say, the open call session topics are really interesting. Narratives of Religious Conflict in Late Antiquity? Yup – I’m very interested in this. The Cults of Saints as Social Capital? Well – yeah. The New Prophecy: Montanism in the Light of Recent Research is the same – very interesting movement.

Plus I like Chicago and know the city reasonably well. Obviously, a Chicago Conference will cost more than one in Kalamazoo and I’m even less qualified to attend a Patristics meeting than a meeting of Medievalists but I’ve had plenty of practice in sitting in the back of a room and keeping my mouth shut. This appears to be a biennial Conference. I may need to think about it.

And I just joined. I took a look at the Journal of Early Christian Studies online and loved it. It may be stupid to pay $50 for something I already have free access to but A) I’ll be much more likely to read it if I have a hard copy (I still haven’t gone through the August Issue of EME) and B) More importantly, sometimes you see something that’s good and decide it’s worth supporting. I’ve done the same with the Journal of Late Antiquity for a couple of years now.

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