Cool Stuff on Other Blogs IV

21 Nov

You know how it is; you post something and immediately afterward a bunch of stuff comes out which makes you wish you’d waited a couple of days (I’ve had the same thing happen with publishing articles). This weekend appears to have been a profitable one for some of my favorite blogs.

Before I get to that I want to mention that I’ve updated my Kalamazoo page to include my posts from 2011. I’m not sure I’m thrilled with how it looks so I may tweak that a bit but the content is all there. I’ve been planning to do this for months and kept putting it off so I think this is more to brag about a relatively insignificant accomplishment than because it will matter to anyone right now. I must be in search of validation or something at the moment.

Also, I’ve put up the labels I’ve used for posts in the lower left of the blog. It looks messy and confusing to me – but it may be helpful to people trying to find stuff and by being stuck down there, they’re not overly visible. So I’ve also put a poll up, towards the upper right. If you feel the urge, please vote and let me know whether I should leave the labels in.

I’ve also added a button so you can follow this blog by e-mail, rather than having to log on to follow posts. I should have done this a while ago though it is a fairly recent add-in for Blogger. I believe once you go in it gives you options on when you receive the e-mails and I’m pretty sure it comes in digest form – if I post more than once in a day you’ll receive a single message. I’ve been told this is easier to read on mobile devices.

On to the blogs, in chronological posting order.

Michelle Ziegler has a really cool post on Heavenfield summarizing some National Geographic documentaries, as well as offering her own thoughts on the Staffordshire Gold Hoard.

Magistra et Mater has a great post recounting a seminar on the characteristics of Viking slavery. She also comments on how these characteristics compare with slavery in other societies as well as warning us all against over-generalization, a message I have increasingly come to appreciate (and to date have not grown tired of) over the past few years.

Moving a bit out of my period but something I’m increasingly troubled by, over at Modern Medieval, Scott Jenkins has put up a post which covers some broad turf; the current University funding situation in the UK, 60’s protests and a medieval institution – the “student university.” I enjoyed this post tremendously — extremely insightful.

This last is more contemporary than I usually post about but I’m having some real problems dealing with the images coming out of Cal-Davis over the past few days and I’m battling a strong urge to break my “this blog is for medieval stuff only” vow. I think I’ll get past it. There are far smarter people than I talking about it.

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