Book Buying I: Pre-Black Friday

22 Nov

For those not familiar with US holidays, Black Friday directly follows the fourth Thursday in November which happens to be our Thanksgiving Holiday. It’s widely considered the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. There’s a myth out there that the term originated because that was the day retailers generally thought they were “in the black” and anything sold from that point forward would be profit for the year. Not so. The term, at least as it is used in this context, originated among retailers (and public safety workers) because they knew this was going to be the craziest shopping day of the year, a terrible day if you worked in a store (from a workload/stress perspective anyway) but I’m sure the corporate people loved it. During Grad school I worked part time as mall security (I have lots of good stories from that) to make ends meet. This was a wild day and that was before things had gotten nearly as crazy as they are now.

Anyway, while X-box and Playstation and big screen TV’s seem to be the big deals, I’d rather buy books.

A little while back I mentioned a foray which resulted in my buying a bunch of books from David Brown. They were so happy with me that they sent me an e-mail about some damaged books being 85% off. I was so happy with them that I bought 6 of these. Happiness everywhere. Notre Dame also sent me a 40% off notice. I only bought one of theirs — and it’s Ambrose’s Patriarchs: Ethics For The Common Man by Marcia Colish, which fits right in with what I’m going to be looking into in the near future.

Next up is a used bookstore run either today or tomorrow. It’s been a while since I made the rounds. I want to get there before the hordes descend on Friday. If I get some good stuff you can be certain that I’ll come here to brag let you know about it.

NOTE: You’ll see that I’m going to start indexing my book buying posts (and may eventually go back and renumber all of them). I should have done this a long time ago but I had no idea I’d put as many of these up as I have. I’m leaving Kalamazoo book-buying out of the numbering; that’s a unique category.

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