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Migration Update IV (Final Migration Post)

I’ve just deleted all of the posts from the Blogger site, except for the final one linking to this site. I debated leaving them up and decided I would prefer that people find content here. Among other things, I can better keep track of traffic. And if I go back and edit something, the new information will be here. To the best of my knowledge I’ve updated all of my internal links and categorized all posts. I’ll be interested to see how soon search engines start sending folks here. To date, I’m still getting about 100 hits/day on Blogger and around 50 on WP.

In case anyone asks, I prefer WP over Blogger for a few reasons. Number 1 is that, so far as I know, there have never been any glitches with people being able to comment. WP also hasn’t spontaneously edited my html when I’m in the middle of putting a post together.

I have noticed that Blogger has faster site speed. WP is slower to load and much slower in reading blogs I’m following. For some reason, WP posts an opening paragraph of posts in the reading window but loads full size images rather than thumbnails. For the most part I’m still using Blogger to follow other blogs. I also haven’t been able to use Google Analytics with WordPress.

But these are minor issues and overall I’m pretty happy with the move except for my lack of posting activity. I’ve been swamped at work lately. In fact I’m posting this right before I go to the office to spend (most of) the rest of my Sunday. This isn’t exactly a gripe. It’s part of the job and in this economy I’m very happy to have a job and one I like pretty well. However if I wasn’t heading to work to make some edits to an emergency management manual, I’d be putting together a post on Libanius right now. Maybe next weekend.

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