I May be Going to the Wrong Place in May

23 Apr

Let me begin by saying that I love Kalamazoo. I’ve been pretty open in saying that the International Congress on Medieval Studies plays a large role in my Medieval Geekiness(Geekery?) and in many ways represents the beginning and end of my Medieval year.

But the registration for the North American Patristics Conference just came in the mail and I’m having a serious case of program envy. I mentioned a few months back how appealing this looked and after visiting the Conference website I consider that confirmed. Don’t believe me? Click on the link for the program – first paragraph in the body of the page, not the link at the left (it’s a downloadable MS Word document). Those are some very interesting sessions, particularly considering what I’ve been reading about lately. I’d have trouble choosing between them but I have the same problem at Kalamazoo.

It looks to be less expensive than I had thought it would be. The early registration fee of $100 is quite reasonable and the hotel rooms are under $150/night (plus tax). I could swing it financially and since I’d only need to take two days off I probably wouldn’t even have to skip Kalamazoo (though I might need to lock away the CC if the book exhibits are as good). Unfortunately I have a program on Thursday & Friday(May 24 & 25) related to my real job which I really can’t miss. But I’m going to look pretty hard at attending in 2013.

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