Kalamazoo Thursday Update

10 May

Skipping an evening session because I need SLEEP! I’m one of those people who never sleeps well my first night in a strange place. I’ll be making up for it tonight.

Ran into a bunch of people today. I think my intentional no advance social planning strategy is working. I’ll talk more about that when I give my reports later.

The main reason for this post is so I can at least mention everyone who was at this evening’s Blogger Meetup. Again, this is just a roll call for now because I’m afraid I’ll forget someone if I wait a week or two. Present were, Another Damned Medievalist or ADM who organized the event. Also present were Vaulting and Vellum. One day I really must learn which of the two is the linguist and which is the art historian. Steve Muhlberger attended and, briefly, so did Larry Swain.

These were all folks I’d met before. However I enjoyed meeting some new people. I had never met Dame Eleanor Hull. And The Cranky Professor was friggin’ hilarious – I may have to start following his blog. Also present was Sapiens, whose blog I’m not finding else I’d link to it (it was Sapiens wasn’t it?). Good food, good drink, good people, good time. I’ll have a bit more post-K’zoo.

Other than that, I went to sessions, bought some books (running count is 24 so far but we’ll see where it ends up) and didn’t leave as early as I wanted Wednesday but what else is new? On to bed – hopefully tomorrow at this time I’ll be able to keep my eyes open.

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