Kalamazoo Friday/Saturday Update

12 May

I just finished grabbing my books from the exhibit area and have a few minutes to kill before heading to dinner and then the Pseudo Session. Speaking of dinner I was reminded last night (actually the reminder came this morning) that I’m closing in on 50, recently received a new hip and my metabolism isn’t what it used to be.

I was coming back from the Digital Poster Session at 8 or so last night and as I’m about to enter the dorm I hear three grad students saying that they hadn’t gotten to Bilbo’s and they’d heard that was a must. Now I wasn’t about to take them there because, while I like grad students there’s a difference between that and wanting to cart three I don’t know all over Kalamazoo. Besides, I figured there would be no way of getting a table Friday night anyway. But I hadn’t eaten and I offered to split a pizza with them (of course they still haven’t been to Bilbo’s). All this was fine but I’ve spent the better part of the day feeling like my system was out of whack. Pumping that much salt, topped with beer, into my system had me drinking water non-stop all day and not eating a whole lot. Things are right with the world again but I think a salad’s going to be my main course tonight.

I had a chance to chat with The Cranky Professor(TCP) and ADM again today. ADM was getting work done but I had a lot of fun swapping stories with TCP. I’m always interested in how folks from different educational fields do their job because I can always learn something.

Beyond that, while it’s been raining lightly a bit today, the weather’s been excellent overall. If I’m not too tired when I get home, I’ll likely post tomorrow once I catalog the book haul.


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