This is Distressing

13 Dec

A bunch of my older posts – composed originally in Blogger – are screwed up. Basically, the post will be fine until it comes to where I’ve added a link. Then it stops. It’s still complete in the edit window but somehow the html tags are messing things up. I can fix them if I manually delete and re-add the tags. And they were fine as of yesterday (I linked to some of these in my final K’zoo report and I always check my links once I post). For the short term I’m ignoring this and hoping it fixes itself (which I imagine it won’t) but eventually I’ll need to manually edit them. It isn’t all of my old posts but quite a few of them. Anything written this year in WordPress is fine, I think – I haven’t checked all of them.

Anyway, my apologies to anyone who, for example, wants to read a post I wrote about Medieval peasants. It was better once upon a time.

EDIT: I’ll add this here in case I need to refer to it later but based on this, for anyone moving a blog to a different platform, I’ll recommend that you not worry about importing all of your old posts to the new platform (unless, obviously) that platform is shutting down. Leave it where it began and link to it as needed. I moved everything because I’m something of a stats geek and wanted everything “under one roof” but I should have followed Michelle Ziegler’s advice and left it.

EDIT #2: Well, I’ve found the problem. Back 20 years or so ago when I first learned html it was customary to create these in a text document and to capitalize all of your code so it would be easier to find it if you messed something up. So I still do (I create posts in the text window, not the editor window and type in my code). For some reason, WordPress has change my link code from “A HREF=” to “a HREF=”. And apparently, though I was taught that capitalization is meaningless, it can’t read when the code is a combination of upper and lower case letters – or it can’t have an opening lower case tag and closing upper case tag. All I need to do is change the a from lower to upper case and the posts are readable again.

It’ll still take a bit of time but nowhere near as much as I was afraid it would. Hopefully I’ll get it taken care of next weekend. And I hope it stays fixed.

EDIT #3: I’ve gone through all of my old posts and fixed things. Hopefully it’ll stay fixed. And for some reason all my links weren’t messed up – some could still be read, even with the a/A issue. I didn’t fix the ones that were readable. If they go wonky down the road I’ll be ticked off again. At least I’ll know what the problem is and how to quickly fix it. My apologies for all the pingbacks those of you who blog may have received when I fixed these. There may be a setting where I could have turned those off but I don’t know it – and I was about halfway done before I realized that was happening. If the world ends tomorrow I’ll be extremely peeved that I spent all this time on this.


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2 responses to “This is Distressing

  1. Kathleen Neal

    December 14, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    How frustrating! Hope it rights itself soon.

  2. Curt Emanuel

    December 15, 2012 at 8:47 am

    Thanks Kathleen. If it doesn’t, I’ll do it manually. This won’t be in the immediate future though.


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