Medieval History Geek: 2012 in Review

05 Jan

This is a bit late but since I posted a year-end summary each of the last two years I thought I should have at it again.

Overall traffic was down a fair amount from last year. This is unsurprising. First, I moved from Blogger to WordPress so at least early on search engines wouldn’t have found this blog and folks who’d bookmarked it or signed up to follow would have had to change their settings. The second reason is I posted much less. I hope to correct this in 2013.

I ended up with 18,862 page views or a touch over 50/day (I am not adding in page views from Blogger even though the site was up into March and even now I get a fair amount of referrals from my single “site has moved” post which remains). My two busiest months were May with 3,093, about 100/day and December with 2,194. Again, this is unsurprising as I made a bunch of Kalamazoo posts and then fell off the map until December when I started regularly posting again. On the year, my busiest day was December 19 (not sure what that was about) with 244 hits. The slowest day I remember was December 26 with 14 though there may have been a slower day back right after I moved the blog. I think the move to WordPress from Blogger has been a positive in almost every way except for statistics as Google Analytics doesn’t work with WP, or if it does, I haven’t figured it out.

I made 38 posts during the year, pretty weak, especially when you consider that I made 14 posts about Kalamazoo. I hope, very much, to do better this year. Thanks everyone for reading and PLEASE comment more!

The most popular posts for the year, based on number of page views, were:

1. Once again, my World Lit Only by Fire review.

2. My post about other blogs which talked about Kalamazoo.

3. My Symmachus post.

4. A follow-up WLOBF post on suggested alternatives to William Manchester for use in high school history.

5. A post I made telling Amateurs not to let the potential for embarrassment keep you from engaging folks smarter than you in discussions.

For the year, my favorite posts were (I was looking to include five here and ended up with seven):

1. Symmachus and whether he could be considered an enemy of Christianity. Nice to see that one of my favorites was among the most popular.

2. How Arianism may very well be a creation of Athanasius. This is almost a two-parter as it followed on the heels of an earlier post which talked about how he exaggerated the heresy.

3. A short post on a Panegyric for Constantine delivered soon after his conversion. I’m not sure the post is all that good but the topic is really cool.

4. Ambrose of Milan.

5. A recent post about the growth of Christian veneration of relics.

6. A post which I think gives a pretty good example of why I think historical models need to be used cautiously.

7. Since I feel I have to have at least one book review, the only one I wrote is of The Historical Jesus in Context.

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