Thursday Kalamazoo Update

15 May

A very short post while I wait the 30 minutes until the book exhibit opens. Gorgeous day yesterday, contrasted with today’s rain (a gentle rain though and it isn’t snow). Attended one good, one very good and one somewhat “meh” session yesterday.

Blogger meet-up update. Present were, for various portions of it, ADM, Dr. Notorious,Jonathan Jarrett, Steve Muhlberger and half of Vaulting and Vellum (I still do not know which one is Vaulting and which is Vellum). Several bloggers who I know are here did not make it, unless they showed up after I left.

As for the books, so far I’ve bought 13. Then again, I’ve only visited 5 out of about 70 booths. I did pick publishers I tend to buy a lot from – Ashgate, Oxford, Cambridge, Boydell, and Scholar’s Choice. If I get Loome, Powell’s and David Brown taken care of this morning I’ll likely have most of the damage done. We’ll see if it adds up to less than 20. I’d say the odds are roughly even at the moment.

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