Quick K’zoo Thursday update

14 May

I went out to dinner with a couple of folks, snuck back to my room, sat down to check on a couple of things – and now I’m suddenly tired.

I’m also thoroughly Carolingianized. Went to three Carolingian Secular Culture Sessions today. These were very good – there was a lot of brainpower in those rooms, not just the speaker panels which were impressive enough. I noticed when I signed up that there were a lot of Carolingian sessions – I’ll likely make 2-3 more by the time this ends. Carolingian is a touch later than my main focus but not by much – I generally feel pretty comfortable in those discussions. I’ll give more session details after Congress is over.

Also been doing my part to help the book publishing industry. Bought 45 so far and I still have another 4-5 publishers and one major used bookstore – Powell’s – that I haven’t visited yet. I believe I’m going over budget – but what else is new? At least I haven’t bought any new books since January in preparation. I was too late to pick up a copy of Geoffrey Chaucer’s new book – but I did see who the author/blogger is (based on who was signing copies anyway). But I’ll keep that to myself until GC chooses to reveal his/herself.

Enough for now – gotta figure out whether to go have a beverage with some folks or cop out on them. At least if I stay here I’ll have plenty to read. ;)

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